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A Game About An Alien Lost In A Spaceship!

This started at the unfinished things festival in Croydon, after the festival I got contacted to make a game for a music project to be shown at the Rosebruford Symposium and an oxford gallery, it sounded super fun so I spent some time with the musician to come up with something to show off his music, here is the music by the way:

After figuring out the structure for the game I spent some months putting this game together on my own from scratch, creating a sprawling mysterious spaceship with plenty of functionality and things to play with, here's a playlist where you can see some of those things:

Unfortunately because of covid the Rosebruford symposium never happened but the oxford one did, and wow, it was certainly something.

I don't think him and I realized how... hipster it would be. We're talking old school, shoes off, playing a sitar hipster here, who doesn't love it, but unexpected for sure. It was also unexpected that I'd get to show off a video game in this area, although they tried their best to make it seem as surreal as possible, putting the game in an area behind a curtain in a enclosed space surrounded by strange things and art.

Honestly that whole evening was surreal but enjoyable.

To make up for Rosebruford falling through I am going onto a Livestream/Zoom call on the 15th guiding someone through the game with an audience of 40-60 people. That should be interesting.

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