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After doing a talk about some of my games at the unfinished things festival, I was approached by a musician to create a game with a focus on his music. The concept seemed fun as well as a chance to try some artistic concepts out. The gameplay is focused on fun little minigames the player interacts with around the ship. My favourite is a re-skin of space invaders called "Rainhugs"; it uses real cardboard cutouts of clouds and other elements that have been scanned in. 

Spoilers, at the end you pull a load of confusing levers and blow up the earth, which is a video of a blue balloon with vague earth like countries drawn and stuck on being very obviously popped with a pin.

Try it out! 

2022 Showreel!

These are some of the games I have made over the past couple of years bundled into a short little video. Enable captions for explanations and details about each project.


00:00 - Intro

00:04 - Anamalia Anarko

00:33 - M.I.A

01:03 - Scrap Defender

01:18 - Spaced Out

01:35 - OpenGL Island

01:46 - Cagney

02:05 - RainHugs

02:28 - Outro

Anamalia Anarko

Anamalia Anarko is a class-based ability shooter made in Unity using the Photon Network. It is built with scalability in mind, new maps, game modes, characters, and abilities can be added with no changes to the back end. It also has controller support as well as mouse and keyboard, that's my excuse for the terrible aim.

The Circus

I created this vertical slice to experiment with more advanced lighting, scene building and character animation. I had a lot of fun creating the clown character from scratch, creating normal maps and textures to make sure the game runs as well as possible whilst looking good. 

Kobayashi Maru

I made this game as a fun little project to primarily show off the dragon model I made, and lots of oddball design choices but hey it's still fun and ultimately has made me and my friends laugh beyond no end.

Scrap Defenders

Scrap Defenders was a game built in collaboration with a web-dev team.

I was in charge of coordinating efforts to create a holistic project of web-dev and game-dev.

I put more focus into managing the project and coordinating efforts, I took into consideration the limitations of the web and I am proud of the result.

Try it out!


In this project, I worked with some friends to create a fun demo of a narrative-driven game. Being the team leader taught me a lot about team management as well as a lot of technical advancements. 

I made a deep dive into shaders, with a shader for the skin to show how damaged the player is, I.E if the player was low health they'd be just bones. I also delved into interior mapping for the buildings in the second level; this means that all the buildings have a convincing effect that they have rooms and people in them but are actually just flat cubes. I made all the cube maps myself in Blender and had fun putting little easter eggs inside them for people to catch. 

I created a custom from scratch save system for this game to quickly save and quickly load when they desire.

I spent more time researching enemy AI for this project, I wanted to give the AI more of a cybernetic feel, but an unpredictable feel. I achieved this by giving them memory, and search functions; for instance, when the enemy would lose sight of the player, they would pick a couple of spots around them to frantically search before returning to patrol. 

Finally, I spent a lot of time researching level design for this project, I had a lot of fun with this, looking at some of the most popular levels of the past in noclip and finding out what made them so fun, I then took that knowledge into Bender and blocked out some levels that had multiple routes and fun moving platforms, acid pools, and plenty of enemies to traverse.  

Try it out!

Sun Runner 

Sun Runner started out as an experiment to test out an idea of mine to create an endless runner that performs as well as possible. 

The performance saved allowed for more complex lighting and a fun art style. 

OpenGL Island

I've wanted to code my own render pipeline for a while, this is coded in C++ using OpenGL. I also love making shaders, I usually use Unity Shader graph or Blenders node editor but this time I had to make them using raw GLSL.

Tank Tribble

Tank Tribble is a homage to a game called tank trouble that I and my friends would spend many hours playing instead of doing homework. This is my first proper complete game in Unreal Engine 4. I used mostly C++ for this project with a sprinkle of blueprints; as always all assets were made by me. The game took about two months from the ground up to complete. 


Here are some of the personal projects and fun things I have worked on. For the vast majority of them, I programmed, modelled, and textured all of them with a little help from some CC0 audio or materials. I strive for all my projects to be highly polished, using as much cutting-edge and interesting technology as I can get my hands on. Some of the more professional projects I have worked on are still a bit too secret to mention. 

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