My Interests and About me

I love making and playing games, with a knack for relaxing games with a slight hint of horror. Am very open to learning about new things, beyond coding and 3D modeling and into all aspects of making games such as animation and sound design. I recently completed the 2020 Global Game Jam which was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from working as a team. 


I am working at Digital Influx on a project to teach kids the fundamentals of UX design. I worked with Hope Charity producing a game targeted at teaching children basics. I completed my work experience at 22 Cans, I worked closely with Peter Molyneux and gained a lot of experience whilst working with the company. I studied at Alton College doing Level 3 IT, it appealed to me because it had a module centered around the process of making games. Since then I have got offers from all my university choices including SAE, Falmouth, and Gloucestershire. 

Current Projects 

I am currently taking charge of a team working on a third person tower defence game for WebGL. The game is set in a studio-ghibli style castle in the sky world where you must maintain your cartoonish defences and yourself so as to fend off sky pirates!

I am Looking for Work or Collaborations

I am very open to working on new projects and collaborations, if you think you can use me feel free to get in contact.