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My Interests and About me

I love making and playing games, my favourite types of games being first-person shooters, especially online ones and I have a soft spot for anything Sci-Fi. I am always open to learning about new things, beyond coding and 3D modelling and into all aspects of game development. By now I have many published; my university uses my games to advertise the course around the country and some of my games are being used to teach children around the world. 


I am currently teaching teenagers the fundamentals of game design and programming for the Screen Film Community. I have worked at Digital Influx on projects to teach kids the fundamentals of UX design which are now being used by kids around the globe. I worked with Hope Charity producing a game targeted at teaching children basics. I completed my work experience at 22 Cans, I worked closely with Peter Molyneux and gained a lot of experience whilst working within a AAA company environment.

Current Projects 

I just finished a game using the Unreal Engine; Tank Tribble. Before this I have been the head of many team projects and I am looking forward to taking charge again to create more fantastic games. 

I am Looking for Work or Collaboration

I am very open to working on new projects and collaborations, if you think you can use me feel free to get in contact. 

Events List
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