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Unfinished Things Festival!

The Unfinished Things Festival started out as just a birthday idea by my brother, he noticed that everyone often has projects they started, but haven't finished, and often they would have a lot of work put into them or are quite impressive on their own but just aren't quite finished.

The idea is to have a place to display these things and show them off or have a talk about them in a super friendly environment.

The idea quickly became pretty popular and actually garnered a lot of interest from friends and family, to the point where we were putting tickets out and organizing hiring halls and spaces to conduct the festival.

Since then he's put on several festivals with increasing popularity, he was invited to the Croydon arts festival but it was unfortunately cancelled due to covid.

Backstory over; I was invited to show off some of my games on here, I would say it was daunting due to the amount of people and the set up, but to be honest, everyone there was super friendly and the audience wasn't crazy large, so it ended up being really fun presenting one of my unfinished games off to the crowd, and afterward I was approached a lot more than I thought I would be, there was far more interest than I thought there would be initially as a lot of the people looked like they wouldn't be too interested in games.

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