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One Button Game Jam!

I recently entered into the one button game jam of 2020, I got contacted by someone through discord and from then I put together a team or artists and programmers to complete this task.

The rules of the jam dictate that the game must be played with only one button, and can't rely on reflexes; this is so that people who have muscular dystrophy can play the game, which is what the jam is in aid of.

We decided on a toddler themed turn based fighting game. This may or may not have been mostly my doing, but we were reminiscing of the times where we were pretending to be characters from our favourite action movies shouting "Lightning bolt!" at each other.

I spent a lot of the allotted time getting wrapped up in making a cartoony shader with scrolling sketched shadows.

We had come up with a fun little turn based combat system, which was made even better with our artists brilliant animations and drawings, hey check them out!


and the programmer helping me out is: @osannegbayere

The culmination of the project came when I was trying to quickly come up with what we can do for a sound track. We already had sounds for some of the things; for instance, the burp attack was just a recording of a burp. But we still needed a main backing song, that's when I came up with going really over the top and using an epic classical song, that way we know it wouldn't be covered by copyright as well as having a hilariously over the top tone, which reflected in the feedback we got and is what we were aiming for, a big success in my books!

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