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Global Game Jam 2020

When I had my unconditional to SAE, I got invited to the global game jam 2020, but when I got back to them all the spaces had gone!

I ended up actually doing it at the University of East London, which was by no means packed, there was a small crowd and the team I worked with were fantastic, really nice people and by the end of the game jam, which was a weekend, we ended up with a really nice functional game where you play as a teddy bear, and have to repair holes in your spaceship so you can fly the ship into the sun.

A game about a teddy who is very specific in how it wants to go up in smoke. Fantastic.

It was good fun to put together and I got to experience working on a tight deadline like that to create a finished game that we're still happy with, and comparing to the others I think we did really well actually!

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